Welcome to Ace Cafe Radio!

March 26, 2018 - 14840 views

The true spirit of Ace Cafe is the connection between machines, music and culture. Ace Cafe Radio celebrates the rich history of rock n' roll. 

When rock ’n roll first came to England in the 1950s it was a complete revelation. London had never heard anything like it - and young London loved it. The music came from America but instantly the Brits wanted to do it themselves. Very soon the link between music and personal transport, for young Brits this was a motorbike, was extended via the jukebox and, with the Jukebox being to rock n' roll what the Triton is to cafe racers, the Ace Cafe was home to this new soundtrack.

With an extensive library of records and shows, Ace Cafe Radio celebrates the music born in America as well as the London reaction and the sounds that followed

Listen, revel and be immersed in music, it’s a part of that which made the Ace Cafe a world-famous London landmark.


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Mike, 4 years ago
Love the original '50s and early '60s music. The later stuff is, frankly, tripe.
Ria, 5 years ago
Good to find this, we spent a few days just along the road from the Ace Café last week and came in most days, the food, the music and the staff were all amazing :-) We'll be back soon..!!
Manuel, 5 years ago
Congratulation. Hi since México